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Our Philosophy

We believe socialization plays a key role when raising happy pups. Ours are whelped inside my house. They become comfortable with all the sounds we make. Like the phone ringing, television, doors opening and people walking by. Who can resist reaching down and giving them a quick scratch on the tummy? When they're ready for the outdoors, there's plenty of fenced land to investigate with Mom so our pups aren't shy or scared. 

Exercise time is essential for good puppy temperament. When the weather is warm we’ll take them out to one of our enclosed paddocks to run about and play chase or hide and seek. 

There's lots of 'human' contact so they learn early 'no teeth on skin' and no 'jumping up' either. Table manners are a must too. During the weaning process pups are fed in small groups of 2-3, with individual bowls, so there's no food aggression. 

We breed to American Kennel Club standards for height, weight in the recognized colors of Light, Medium and Dark. It's not a science ... more of an art.


We're not a big Commercial Kennel. Some might say we're not even small. It's just me, a Kennel Assistant and a few adult dogs who live together and love Minnesota's four seasons!


David Hilliard

Red Sea Title1.jpeg
  • AKC Reunite Microchip Transponder

  • Health Certificate

  • First set of shots

  • Visiting hours during weaning 

  • Bring the family and a sack lunch

All your puppy needs in one place:

We invite you to visit us...

Call or text for puppy a appointment.


We'll accept pick deposits after puppies are 2 weeks old. 

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